I’m getting several questions each day about Something Blue, the concluding Love Inc. series novella. I think a lot of people went from Sloth to the Love Inc. series, and you – understandably – want to know where you can find Something Blue so you can finish that series.

The answer is, you can’t buy it anywhere right now. I’m so sorry about this.

Sometime a few months after Something Blue came out, it disappeared from my publication “dashboard” and the Kindle store. I had to redo the product page and re-upload the book file due to this glitch. Unfortunately, the week before this, my laptop had crashed. It was a laptop I’d bought right after another laptop had crashed. So, assuming lightning would not strike twice, I had not been very diligent about backing it up. I lost the Something Blue master file in that crash. The next-most-complete version of the file, the one I managed to recover, is very much a draft. I tried to quickly edit it and put it up for sale again, but I quickly realized it’s impossible to get the story where it needs to be in a speedy timeframe. I’m going to need a few weeks to re-write the later half of the story, and since I lost the master file, I haven’t had a few weeks to spare.

I’m trying hard to find time for this in my current schedule. As soon as I do have it ready, I’ll post about it here on my blog and my social media, and I’ll also send out a newsletter.

I know people are also waiting for the follow-up Hansel story I promised at the end of Hansel 4. I recently wrote that and am going to edit it sometime in the next week or two. It, like Something Blue, is being worked on between my current projects. When I’m finished with the Hansel story, I’ll send it out for free to my newsletter subscribers and put it for sale on Amazon and the other sales platforms.

Finally, I also need to write Away, the third Here book. I have started this and look forward to finishing it sometime soon. Away has always been my favorite of the Here books, and I hope you guys will agree.

I’m currently working on Covet, the second in the Sinful Secrets series, plus a fun, contemporary romance I’m doing with a co-author. I’ve been working on the books simultaneously – a first for me! – but lately I’ve been working more actively on The Boy Next Door while letting the draft I have of Covet percolate. <– It’s about 30-40 percent finished.

I’m hoping to release The Boy Next Door sometime in the next month and a half, and Covet in the month after. But I haven’t announced any dates and am not going to until I have a final draft of The Boy Next Door.

Thank you guys so much for being patient with me.


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  1. Lisa
    January 3, 2018 at 6:12 pm (7 months ago)

    Please Hurry 🙂 I am dying here!! Just finished Love inc!!! I just discovered you and you are an Amazingly talented Author!!!


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