Update potpourri

I've done it again! Or rather, not done it. It's been forever since my last update. If you want to keep track of what's up in the land of brothels, cute aliens, and winged creatures, follow me on Facebook. (If you do, remember that under the "liked" tab, you need to click "get notifications," or you might not see my updates).

Since apparently the only way you're going to hear any news on this blog is retroactively, here's a recap of my last month and a half.

Since my last post, I have...
1. Released Unmaking Marchant. YOU GUYS, this was a doozy. If you could have been a fly on the wall at my house the week before that book came out, you would be a fly who knows there is a reason for the traditional three month maternity leave.
2. Learned that two kids is A LOT OF KIDS. Especially when they are both mostly non-verbal and not entirely potty trained.
3. Continued working with my amazing literary agent, Rebecca Friedman on some exciting, secret stuff.
4. Realized that the only thing better than having a publicist handle my PR efforts is having a PA handle everything else. If you're an author who's on the fence about hiring a PA (or a publicist) - it's worth it. (And BTW, the PR agency I use hires out publicists as well. It's very convenient).
5. Ordered tons of cool swag. Like this design, for a t-shirt.

6. Formed a street team. (Let me know if you want to join! Basically, you win prizes by promoting my books.) So far, there are about forty of Ella's Elite, and they're having lots of fun.
7. Gotten the sequel to Here, Trapped, listed for pre-order on Amazon. (If you haven't read Here, you should grab it now while it's on sale for .99. It's a YA mystery/romance). Trapped will be available March 19.
8. Learned that the trick to working while mothering a baby is just.never.sleep. Seriously, that's the only way. But it is possible.
9. Started working toward an April or May release date for Something Blue, the last title in the Love Inc. series.
10. Started planning my next series. :)

It's currently for sale at Amazon, Kobo, and BN.com, and it will soon be available at the iBookstore. People seem to like it, so that's good. *I* don't feel like the end is a cliffhanger, but some others do - so beware of that. (The romance and the characters' personal storylines are, I think, pretty well tied up, but I left a suspense thread hanging, which will be tied up in the Something Blue novella, which will feature Lizzy and Hunter's wedding).

Hope you've had a good month!

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  1. Wow Ella, as a mother of 2 small children with a job and an aim to publish a book this year I don't know how you are functioning! Good on you for keeping your dreams alive...it isn't easy with so much going on but I really believe that I am a better mother for keeping some of myself going! Looking forward to the new releases.