My First Readers Contest

I just closed a contest for sharing the Taming Cross buy link on Facebook, and I've decided to start another one as a thank you to everyone who's taking a chance on Taming Cross and buying it early. It might not be something you think about a lot, but it really means the world to most authors when people decide to buy their book the first day out - or even the second or third day.
So, this is for all you guys who bought Taming Cross today, or who will buy tomorrow (Wednesday 8/21), or even Thursday 8/22. I may decide to extend it to Friday 8/23. The easiest way to enter is to forward me the e-mail Amazon sends you (or the receipt you get from Smashwords or when you make a purchase. My e-mail is, and I will be cataloging all your e-mails to be sure everyone gets entered. Another way to enter and confirm that you've purchased is to review the book on Amazon or wherever you bought it. Then forward me a copy of your review.

This book is not 99 cents, so I know you have to decide carefully whether you want to buy it now or later, when you've heard more about it. I have so many wonderful, loyal readers, and you are the ones I want to reward - the ones who will just buy it because you know you like my stories.

I want to reward you in a big way... so the prize is going to be BIG. I'm going to pay for your ticket to one of the three events I've committed to this coming up year. I'll also give you a $300 lodging stipend and a $400 travel stipend. I'm giving you the choice of three events because I know not everyone lives in the same region of the country. The events are utopYAcon 2014, in Nashville, Tennessee, June 20-22; Penned Con in St. Louis, Missouri, September 12-13; and Queen City Indie Con in Cincinnati, Ohio October 24-25. If the winner I choose is for some reason not able to travel, I've give you a several-hundred-dollar gift card to your favorite e-bookstore.

In the meantime, help me spread the word about my contest - and enjoy Cross!

Buy links are:

P.S. I really, really, really hate saying this, but I've seen a notable increase in returns since I announced the contest. If I continue seeing more than usual returns, I may have to cancel it. Please don't buy the book and then return it! :(

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  1. Oh-Em-Geee ELLA!

    What a giveaway. I know you said it would be huge, but I wasn't expecting this!

    Seriously, What a gift it would be for someone to go to one of the above events and for you to be providing the travel for them!

    Some serious Author love is going on right now!


  2. Just emailed you my receipt! What an awesome contest!

  3. Sent you my email receipt and would have paid triple for this book that is how much I loved Selling Scarlett! I'm loving Taming Cross so far and will finish it tonight!

  4. You are truly amazing.. I just sent my receipt and review and I can't tell you enough how great your stories are and I look forward to more from the Love Inc, series.
    I read Selling Scarlett the same day it was released and did the same with Taming Cross and will continue with the rest as they come out.. Thank you for your talent and gift to those of us who are book nerds :)

  5. WOW Amazing Giveaway!!! Email sent :)

  6. Ella extend it until Friday. That's payday and I'm downloading it first thing in the morning. I can't wait to read it. I'm sure I'll finish it that night. Love your work and this giveaway is too big to miss!!

  7. Oh my goodness - what an amazing giveaway! I shared your contest and bought the book. I'll email you my receipt as soon as i get home and get into my email...

    Than k you for your amazing generosity!

  8. I've decided to extend the contest until Friday!

  9. Just emailed my purchase receipt to you or rather forwarded my Amazon email Thank you for such an amazing giveaway <3

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Nevermind. You answered me already in my fb message. But I'm still super exited to read this so just ignore this question because i think i posted this question to you three different ways lol

  11. Sent in my receipt!

    I'm sorry to hear about the people returning the book after purchase. I'd have never thought to do something like that. Besides, I loved Selling Scarlett, so I'm very much looking forward to reading more about Cross.



  12. this is an awesome giveaway btw! Just thought you should know lol

  13. I grabbed it this morning and reading now! This is such a awesome giveaway! Let me know if you got my receipt Ella!

  14. Oh no, Ella, that is aweful!! I can't believe someone would do something so underhanded! Well, for those that have returned the book....your loss people! You have NO IDEA what a good read you are missing!!!

  15. The whole returning the book situation is terrible. Shame on whomever is doing that to enter.

  16. I haven't purchased yet, have to wait til my hubby gets paid. : ( this book sounds wonderful! I have never heard of such a huge give away. It's to huge that I wouldn't have taken it and deferred to someone else. The best gift any one can give is of themselves and you do that everytime you hit the publish button. Thank you very much for all that you have done, I will be purchasing this book when $ is available.